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NFL players also said the emperor to play football success over 70% of the fans oppose. Former NFL star Joe - Tai Siman said LeBron - James, if you choose to play football, it will be a good quarterback. But American fans did not think so. According to ESPN's poll shows that a total of 45,192 fans to vote, the results, 74% (33,442) of the fans do not agree with Tai Siman view. According to ESPN reports, the eastern conference finals after defeating the Pacers, Miami Heat forward LeBron - James has said that if he chose to play football, it will certainly choose a cheap nfl jerseys, he would be a very good quarterback. He revealed that he had played high school Shihai wide receiver position. Miami headed star LeBron - James and Dwyane - Wade watched the University of Miami and Florida State's NCAA football game, also accompanied by Udonis Haslem, Norris - Cole and James - Jones et al.

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It is worth mentioning that, LeBron and Wade also each bring their son, these little guys obviously have experienced many great scenes, came to the scene photo taken very Fan children. I have this ability, I was able to read the opponent's defense, know each other's style of play, this is my nature, if I do not play wide receiver, I played quarterback will be very good, was an interview, LeBron very confident. After former NFL (American Football League) star Joe - Tai Siman said LeBron if you choose to play football, there will certainly be a good performance, he said seriously considering entering the NFL before you can call four years in the NBA basketball games , the 38-year-old or 39-year-old players still playing much, but not the same football stadium, 38-year-old and 39-year-old quarterback, so he has plenty of time to think. cheap jerseys nfl nike, cheap nfl jerseys nike, cheap nfl jerseys from china nike In the just-concluded World Women's Sevens NFL game qualifying, the Chinese team to 57:0 swept Tunisia, creating the largest tournament score. But the team, after all, and there is a great gap between the world level, and ultimately only ranked No. 10. For the Chinese team's performance, coach Zheng Hongjun said: The Chinese team is a strong team in Asia, but there is still a gap with the international teams, through this competition to learn from them, and we enter the 2016 Olympics did not resolve changed. Chinese women's team captain Liu Yan in NFL football has been nine years, holding China cheap nfl jerseys nike, she knows pain and joy of rugby, sour and sweet, sad and happy, I Today, many students are judges and prosecutors, but I did want to continue to do something for the cheap nfl jerseys usa. Today, Liu Yan is China Agricultural University, a physical education teacher, is still in the development of football in China silently efforts.

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In this regard, General Administration of Sport, deputy director of the ball on Li said: Rugby in the Olympic Games later, we launched the 14 provinces to carry out football, men and women of the 11 teams registered athletes about 1,000 people overall have a certain scale and quantity. But he also acknowledged that football project in China to carry out a short time, less the number of participants, this Sports General Administration has planned to launch this year's league form in Sai Huizhi into four seasons, with the finals a year will for five games big games, in order to promote the development of the sport. cheap nfl jerseys authentic nike, cheap nfl jerseys by nike, cheap nfl jerseys china nike In this Women's World Sevens NFL game in the game, the Chinese team is strong opener against the U.S. team, the game was made beginning 12:0 lead, the U.S. team can then be massive counterattack, eventually bringing to 12 : 21 lost the game! After the race, Liu Yan is considered mainly did not grasp the opportunity, when the players on the defensive miscommunication with each other. And this, apparently, and the Chinese team members about the lack of national competition experience.

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According to Liu Yan, the current Chinese team can only play one year 2-3 games, a fixed race event is the Asian Championships and Hong Kong, the other is that some of the tournament, more than a year, the National Games of the game. Liu Yan considered and foreign teams, the Chinese team is the biggest disadvantage is the lack of competition experience, Unlike foreign players will have club competitions, spot experience, so the Chinese team in addition to overcoming the short stature and other physical deficiencies, strengthen physical confrontation, the future is even more multi-point game the accumulation of experience. According to the Rio Olympics football competition places allocated in a way that only one Asian athletes. As many times in recent years, Chinese women's team won the Asian championship, so for Rio Olympics or the whole team confidence. Coach Zheng Hongjun said that Chinese football still rely on women's team to complete breakthrough, cheap nfl jersey although they can not be compared with the impact of the three shirts, but at least the same as the year of female song has become China's new look on a collective project point. cheap nfl nike jerseys stitched, cheap nike nfl jerseys usa

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